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Aram Saroyan

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Commentary: “I…can still scarcely believe that the government once gave an award to so wonderful an artwork…[One should] encounter it properly, at the center of an otherwise blank page—to emphasize its deserving a full page’s worth of attention (as an expression of light, and only light)…[T]he extra ‘gh’ is neither trivial nor obscure. By putting it into his word, Saroyan brings us face-to-face with the ineffability of light, a mysterious substance whose components are somehow there but absent, as ‘ghgh’ is there (and delicately shimmering) but unpronounced in the word, ‘lighght.’ And he leaves us with intimations of his single syllable of light’s expanding, silently and weightlessly, ‘gh’ by ‘gh,’ into…Final Illumination.” -Bob Grumman

Here are some other examples of Minimalist poetry, also with commentary by Bob Grumman.

More background, and other poems: